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Yup, one of those "I take pictures of

my shoes" people.

Lis [short for Elisabeth with an "s"] is a New York City based art director, graphic designer, and prop stylist specializing in editorial art direction and story development, crafting, as well as branding, product, and packaging design. A lover of novels, loose teas,
and tiny type, 
she often finds inspiration in things that are antiquated and well-loved. 

She is likely to be found poking around flea markets and instagraming cocktails.


Lis received her BFA in Graphic Design from St. John's University in 2011, 
and is 
currently the Editorial Styling Director at Good Housekeeping Magazine.
She has previously worked as an art director at Martha Stewart Weddings
Magazine and a graphic designer at Flight001.

See more work at:

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